Life Size Sex Doll,whether it’s your favorite super star or someone you’ve made up completely, you can create an adventurous vibe in your life with a companion that will be loyal to you and you alone.

Your love doll is a part of you. You have to make sure to keep it at its best condition to ensure it can last you a lifetime. Here are some of the daily maintenance tips you can use to keep the doll in good shape.
First of all, be meticulous in choosing a lubrication. If you buy realistic sex doll, you’ll most likely perform sexual intercourse which is close to reality. This gives you the chance to realize all of your fantasies. To ensure that you get gratifying sexual intercourse, only use water based lubrication for your sex doll.
It is necessary to wash and dry the love doll too. You can clean the body and sexual parts of the doll using water and mild soap. Never immerse the head in water though. Once you finish rinsing the body and sexual parts, get a soft microfiber towel to dry the love doll. Never use rough towels that can damage the skin. Never use a hair dryer as well. After it has been dried, sprinkle baby powder on the doll’s body.
If you prefer to cloth your love doll, then be meticulous in choosing the clothes. You can choose lace materials or even leather materials. However, you must make sure to wash these new clothes before you put them on your love doll. Otherwise, the materials will just rub off on the love doll’s body.
Never use sharp objects. Any accessories that have sharp edges should be avoided, even if it is for your sexual foreplay. That way, you can prevent damaging your love doll irreparably.
Storing the sex doll should be done with care. If you are not using the sex doll, you can keep it away. Just extend the legs and arms slightly apart so that they are not touching the bust. Avoid placing heavy things on top of the doll when it is not in used.